004: The One with the Mask

See with any eyes or speak with any voice?

Episode Notes

Full disclosure, Chris called in from vacation for this week's episode and his audio sounds terrible. He also screwed up the newsletter this week, but hopefully we can give him a pass since he's living la vida loca.

Today, an expanded crew of Graham, Sean, Inessa, Caitlin, and Chris debate the question of would you rather have a mask that let you see with anyone's eyes or speak with anyone's voice.

Completely without context, here's something you should check out: BoBoPatch is Born.

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003: You're Money or Your Money.

A compliment from a stranger or a crisp $100 bill.

Episode Notes

This time around, Schuyler, Graham, Sean, and Chris debate the merits of a compliment vs $100 dollars, the going rate of different types of compliments, plus Schuyler gets a compliment from J.K. Rowling...ish.

This week's question was submitted by Austin Saylor. He has an amazing lettering animation course at AustinSaylor.com.

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002: A dog head and a human body or a human body and a dog head.

Things get a little hairy.

Episode Notes

This week, Schuyler, Graham, Sean, Reid, and Chris tackle the hard question of whether they'd prefer a human head and dog body, or a dog head and human body.

All sorts of interesting questions emerge. Do you have your human consciousness in both scenarios? Are the dog heads to scale?

Make sure to check out Austin Saylor's amazing lettering and animation work at AustinSaylor.com

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001: 8 eyes or an elephant trunk?

Things get a little weird.

Episode Notes

Eyes, a neat book from Mike Smith (@mesmithdesign): http://www.dadsigner.com/product/eyes-book/

A very nice tweet from @jakebarry: https://twitter.com/jakebarry/status/1013964610918068224

See you laterz.

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