010: Making every day taco Tuesday

Would you rather eat all your food in a taco or as a smoothie?

Episode Notes

There's a full house this week as Caitlin, Schuyler, Sean, Chris, Graham, and Inessa gather round the ol' podcasting fire to talk about whether it would be better to eat all your food in taco shells or in smoothies. Hilarity ensues.

Modifiers from this time around:

  • What if you could keep 1 item outside of your smoothie?
  • What if you had to eat either your tacos or smoothies with chopsticks?


  • None of us know anything about chopsticks (except Graham).
  • Are savory smoothies really just soups by another name?
  • We spend too much time talking about our favorite soups.
  • Caitlin unveils her new podcast signoff, and the gang approves.

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