007: Where'd You Go? Oh... There You Are.

Would you rather be a giant or invisible?

Episode Notes

Chris, Sean, Graham, Inessa, Caitlin and Schuyler try to figure out which would be better, to be a giant or to be invisible.

Modifiers from this time around:

  • What if you were invisible but cast a shadow?
  • You’re invisible, but REALLY loud?
  • What if you could turn either being a giant or being invisible on and off?
  • As a giant, you could choose to hover around 10’ off the ground, so you’d never actually have to crush people.


  • The crew discusses Shaq week.
  • Caitlin says giants don't have friends.
  • Some deep conversation about whether your clothes would be invisible as well.
  • Chris learns who Willie the giant is.

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